WTV.Best Wc3 player in the world at the moment?

Verfasst von shad am Do, 2006-10-26 20:03.
38% (372 Stimmen)
29% (287 Stimmen)
8% (79 Stimmen)
8% (81 Stimmen)
Another one (see comment)
16% (154 Stimmen)
Gesamte Stimmen: 973
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Verfasst von WC3.pl-ikzzZ am So, 2007-09-23 16:26.

ATM best is WE.Sky

Verfasst von GuyIncogNito am Di, 2007-09-18 16:31.

th000 is going to be top in next times

Verfasst von mwpugln am Mo, 2007-09-17 06:25.

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Verfasst von gennadysazonov am Mi, 2007-09-12 21:47.

Moon got skill, Moon got style and Moon can speak a lil bit english now!:D He making great expirience.

Verfasst von Maestr0 am Mo, 2007-09-03 14:58.

/My top 5 is :


This is based on skill and current year's results. Grubby's dead. . .

Verfasst von Nehlam am Sa, 2007-07-07 14:57.

my top 5 based on skill(not biased like fanboys)


Verfasst von NeMaToCysT am Sa, 2007-07-07 14:47.

grubby the best player = 41%??

yeah right grubby hasn't won a major tournament since 2005

tod beats grubby almost every time, sky beats grubby EVERTIME, sky also beats tod EVERYTIME

only player that impresses me so much and who is able to take down sky almost every time is MOON

just look at the prize money ranking
Moon has made 70k in a year, 2nd place is tod with half the amount, and 3rd place, fov, who kept getting 2nd place in tournaments because of Moon in the beginning of the year, has made something like 15k. do you see how big the gap is?

grubby is overrated. lyn seems to be as good as grubby in many ways, and in HU matchup he surely surpassed grubby by far

so grubby fan boys can either go back to 2005 or find a new idol

Verfasst von Madclick am Sa, 2007-07-07 14:13.


Verfasst von woshixj am So, 2007-06-24 14:30.

ofc moon!!! no doubt!!!

Verfasst von woshixj am So, 2007-06-24 14:30.

ofc moon!!! no doubt!!!

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