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Speicherland.com – Neue Seite und neue Preise

Liebe Waaagh!TV Gemeinde,

unser treuer Partner Speicherland.com präsentiert sich und seine Angebote ab sofort mit einer inhaltlich und graphisch überarbeiteten Homepage. Neukunden dürften sich dabei vor allem
über die neu kalkulierten, niedrigeren Preise freuen.

Bei Anregungen, Kritik oder einfach nur Fragen zu den Leistungen von Speicherland könnt ihr den IRC Channel #speicherland.com im Quakenet aufsuchen oder eine Mail an senden.



Another job opportunity

The Waaagh!TV project is again looking for a cabable graphics designer. If 2d designs are what you love and you even know about the creation of complete corporate designs then you are probably the right person to join our small family.


- Excellent knowledge of Photoshop or any similar application
- Experience in webdesigning and development of appropiate CIs
- Passion for Warcraft 3 and Waaagh!TV
- At least 16 years of age
- Reliability and Loyality

Please send your application to including some information about you and some examples of your work.

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Job Opportunity - Java/Network Programmer

We are currently looking for a talented and motivated Software Engineer.


  1. 1 year minimum programming in C/C++, Java or D
  2. Experience with writing Network Applications and working on Network Protocols
  3. A passion for WarCraft!
  4. A strong team player; self motivated and good attitude
  5. Be able to meet a deadline
  6. Speak english fluently


  1. SQL/Database experience
  2. Linux experience
  3. MacOS experience


  1. You will receive a chance to work on cutting-edge technology designed for pro e-sports

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Audience behaviour

As there occur problems on some major events please internalize the following things.

When the WTV server is not responding for some time this does not mean it is down. There are at least three possible reasons:

1) Some data is missing, i.e. cause the internet connection between the streamer and the WTV Server is bad. In this case you will see a "Pausing due to lack of data from server" message. It may take from some seconds up to some minutes. Do not disconnect, but try to unpause the game after some time (/speed 1 in the normal client or F1 in the Webclient).

2) You are stuck at "authorizing" or you see a weird number in the Webclient instead of the gamename. This means, that some thousand people try to connect and that the database server is damn busy with all the requests. Do not disconnect and reconnect all the time then as this stresses the server even more. Just wait patiently. Additionally note, that most major events use the backup server at backup1.waaaghtv.com.

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Important: New server address.

We moved our servers to our partner Speicherland to hopefully guarantee even better stability. The new address is


The uploader and client ports did not change, they are still 10384 and 10383, respectively.
The old server at wtv.gamesports.de still runs, but on other ports (11383/11384), and serves only as a backup solution in case the new server malfunctions (which we do not expect).

Update: The userlimit of the new server is now fixed, you can continue using it.

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Wanted: new staff members

On our way to world dominance we are looking for new members who want to join the Waaagh!TV staff. We do have a steady need for skilled people who want to beta test our latest developments, take care of administrative tasks, translate and proof-read articles and news or stream exciting Warcraft III matches. If you are interested then please check to see if you meet the following expectations:

  1. At least 16 years of age
  2. Familiar with the usage of Warcraft 3 and WTV
  3. Friendly and team based character
  4. Good English
  5. Especially people from outside of Germany are welcome
If you do so and you are still interested then please send a short Email to containing your name, age, why you would like to join the Waaagh!TV staff and in which position.

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Waaagh!TV partners up with ABIT

We happily can announce that with ABIT one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high quality Mainboards joins the reign of the Waaagh!TV sponsors. The firm being originated in Taiwan will be present on this homepage and the Webclient for at least the next months and will power up our worldwide Warcraft III broadcastings even more with their excellent hardware.

Bjoern Franzen, Marketing & PR Manager Germany comments on this happening as follows:
"We are very proud to be part of such a community related project that Waaagh!TV definitely is. It is done by gamers for gamers. Universal Abit always has been and still is linked with gamers and tries to create products with passion for these very special people. Both Universal Abit and Waaagh!TV will use their synergies to still increase the emotions that are caused by such exciting Warcraft 3 matches we have seen in the past."
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Welcome to the new Waaagh!TV homepage

Finally its done! The new Waaagh!TV homepage is finished! So what's new?

  1. Internationalization - since Waaagh!TV has users from all over the world, from Brazil to Iran, China to Germany, we felt the urge to create a truly multilingual homepage. With success - every single item on this page can be translated transparently into a wide variety of languages.
  2. New event system - we constantly try to improve the Waaagh!TV system, and with the new event system announcing new events will be easier than ever before. See the FAQ to check out how it works in detail!
  3. New forum - the old Enigma-CMS based board got replaced with a standard phpBB. Everyone knows this forum brand, it's easy to use and feature rich.
  4. Tighter integration of the Waaagh!TV software. You won't probably notice it _yet_, but there will be a lot of benefit from this.
  5. Finally, as usual: more to come, stay tuned!

NOTE: If you arrived here through a redirect, update your bookmarks to https://waaaghtv.com

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Waaagh!TV is supported by Speicherland