WTV.Which is the strongest nation in Warcraft 3?

Soumis par shad le Jeu, 2007-10-25 08:04
41% (117 votes)
19% (53 votes)
19% (54 votes)
5% (14 votes)
3% (8 votes)
Other (comment)
14% (40 votes)
Total des votes : 286
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Soumis par Wind2dk le Sam, 2007-12-08 19:20

Denmark belongs in that list... we might not have a lot of players but those we have are in the very top of the dota players and our national team came second at the last mym nations

Soumis par Einhorn le Jeu, 2007-10-25 12:16

luxembourg is so weak and unimportant that it's not even funny ^_^;

The Arctic for the win!

Soumis par legendfan le Sam, 2007-10-27 17:25

you jokin me ? rofl luxemburg
Sweden, Finland and Germany are missing !!! but 1st ist Korea, ofc

Soumis par ad.kain le Sam, 2007-10-27 18:19

1. Korea
2. China
3. Finland
4. Sweden
5. Germany
6. Russia
7. Bulgaria

Soumis par nightvol le Sam, 2007-11-17 12:44

what is luxemburg?

Soumis par pbyeah le Jeu, 2008-02-14 00:53

Consisting of the best players of the world such like Sky,Fly,Th000,Team China will beat all others including South Korea.

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