Step 1:
Download the software, extract the files and start the wtvClient.exe.

Step 2:
Enter the address or hostname of the server in the left input control ("games.waaaghtv.com") and press connect. optional:
- enter the port in the right form if a nonstandard port 10383 is used.
- set your username in the input control on the right. Your last battle.net login name is used otherwise.
After the connection has succeeded, there should be games in the Games tab.

(click on the screenshot to enlarge)

Step 3:
You should now see the latest games on the server in your client.
All the games in the gamelist which have the light blue background, will appear in your WarCraft 3 LAN-screen (games which are live, should automatically be subscribed).
Doubleclick on a game to subscribe/unsubscribe it. If you want all the games to appear in your LAN-screen, check the "Show all Games in Warcraft" checkbox above.
To view a game start "Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos" or "The Frozen Throne" (depending on what kind of game you want to see, check version in the client gamelist) and click the "Local Area Network" button.
After a few seconds, all the games you subscribed (and all the live games, if you haven't unsubscribed them) should appear. Select one and press join game to enter the game.

Step 4:

Just read the instructions in the chatroom to start the game.

How to synchronise the Waaagh!TV game with the shoutcast
It is now much easier to synchronise the game with the shoutcast, but the shoutcaster has to give you the time in his game.
Assuming the shoutcaster says that it's 13:00 o'clock in his/her game, all you have to do is to type in "/sync 13:00". Waaagh!TV will then try to fast forward to this point (or pause the game), so that you are exactly at the same point like the shoutcaster.
There is one known issue: If a player in the game has used a moonstone, Waaagh!TV isn't able to detect the time in your game, but you can "tell" Waaagh!TV the current daytime. If it is 14:30 in your game, type in "/setsync 14:30". After that you can use the method described above to synchronise your game (with /sync).

Ingame Commands
!! Remember to send the commands to all not only to observer (using shift+enter) !!
/cmdlist -- lists all commands
/help -- prints usage of the command
/slower -- slows the game down
/faster -- speeds the game up
/speed -- changes the to (example speed 3.5)

/ircinit -- connects to the irc server set in the config (see below)
/irc -- executes a rfc1459 command
/ircjoin -- changes the channel (parts the previous one
/ircshut -- closes the irc connection
use normal chat to talk to the others on irc. remember send to all ingame!

Username=wTv-Immortal -- the username, is used for irc as well. can be set from the client uplink tab.
LastServer=reallyde.servebeer.com -- last server you connected to
LastPort=10383 -- same as above
Password=nopass -- password (for later use and uploading with the recorder)
DatagramPort=10384 -- NYI
SessionPort=10385 -- NYI
UplinkPort=10386 -- NYI
SessionIdleTime=5000 -- idle time for a session (better not change unless i tell you :-)
UseBroadcast=0 -- if this is set, wtvClient sends the gamelist to every computer on your network. does not work for interfaces not supporting SO_BROADCAST
UseLocalhost=1 -- if this is set and the above is not, the gamelist is only sent to the local machine
CustomAddress= -- if both the above are 0, the custom address is used. in the case neither works, specify your internet ip here (does not work with hostnames, only ips)
UseAutomaticServer=1 -- irc server, port & channel will be received from server, set this to 0 to activate the irc settings below
IRCServerName=de.quakenet.org -- hostname of the irc server you want to connect
IRCServerPort=6667 -- port of the irc server you want to connect to
IRCAutoChannel=#waaaghtv -- autojoin channel, only works for servers sending the numeric 256 end of MOTD (use /ircjoin if it doesn't work).

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