WTV.Job Opportunity - Java/Network Programmer

Verfasst von immortal am Di, 2007-07-03 22:37.

We are currently looking for a talented and motivated Software Engineer.


  1. 1 year minimum programming in C/C++, Java or D
  2. Experience with writing Network Applications and working on Network Protocols
  3. A passion for WarCraft!
  4. A strong team player; self motivated and good attitude
  5. Be able to meet a deadline
  6. Speak english fluently


  1. SQL/Database experience
  2. Linux experience
  3. MacOS experience


  1. You will receive a chance to work on cutting-edge technology designed for pro e-sports
  2. Tasks will range from prototyping new technology to improving our current set of tools

Traditionally, the Waaagh! software development has been all about working for the community. Therefore, sadly, we can not pay you any money. However, you will have the chance to work with talented people on state-of-the-art gaming technology, not to mention the impressive reference for your CV. You will, of course, be given full credit for everything you do.

If you are interested, please send a mail to containing your personal info/CV, some code samples and the reason why you do want join the Waaagh!TV team.

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Verfasst von Deger am Mi, 2007-10-17 06:32.

I will apply as soon as possible.

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