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Verfasst von immortal am Sa, 2006-05-13 14:08.

Finally its done! The new Waaagh!TV homepage is finished! So what's new?

  1. Internationalization - since Waaagh!TV has users from all over the world, from Brazil to Iran, China to Germany, we felt the urge to create a truly multilingual homepage. With success - every single item on this page can be translated transparently into a wide variety of languages.
  2. New event system - we constantly try to improve the Waaagh!TV system, and with the new event system announcing new events will be easier than ever before. See the FAQ to check out how it works in detail!
  3. New forum - the old Enigma-CMS based board got replaced with a standard phpBB. Everyone knows this forum brand, it's easy to use and feature rich.
  4. Tighter integration of the Waaagh!TV software. You won't probably notice it _yet_, but there will be a lot of benefit from this.
  5. Finally, as usual: more to come, stay tuned!

NOTE: If you arrived here through a redirect, update your bookmarks to https://waaaghtv.com

Have fun!

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Verfasst von chaos am Sa, 2006-10-21 04:59.

Thanks for your work!

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