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WTV.Frequently asked questions about the Homepage

How does the event system work?

In order to actively use the event system to post new events, you need an organisation. Either apply for a new one, in case you are admin of a league or tourney. Or you join another organisation - in order to stream their games - by talking to their administrators. You can be member to more than one organisation.

Once you are member of an organisation, you can create new events here.

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How do I announce events?

First of all you need to get an account. Select "Create new account" on the right bar, then sign up.

Once you have an account, you can create a new "Organisation". An organisation is a league, a tourney, or any other competition. Once you signed up an organisation, you have to wait until it gets approved by one of our staff members.

Thereafter you can post as many events as you like. But - of course - don't spam or do stupid things, or your organisation may be revoked.

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How do I request a streaming account?

To request a streaming account just log in on this page with your user account (or create one in case you didn't do so yet). Thereafter simply click the "Req. Streaming Account" link.

Don't forget to tick "Request Account" at the very bottom of the formular, since otherwise you will only create an organisation on this page, but without getting an account on one of our streaming servers.

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I am logged in at the website but not at the forums and i can't log in there - what should i do?

Log out at the website and re-log in, then you are logged in again at the forums, too.

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