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WTV.Frequently asked questions about the Client

How do I know which game is running at the moment?

The client's game list is using a color coded system:
A green game in the gameslist means a “live”-game and an orange game means an “about to start”-game. It may occur that completed games are being shown as “live”-games. Your best bet is to ask someone in the channel (#waaaghtv).

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How can I chat with other people?

Just enter the following command when you’re in the game: “/ircinit”. The Chatting takes place in the IRC chat network Quakenet and the observers are in the channel #wtv.ingame. Since everything is based on mIRC, you can easily join another channel by “/ircjoin” or “/join”.

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I have just started watching the game, how can I come to where the other observers are?

If you are in the game, the client automatically sets maximum speed and you only have to wait until the client resets to speed 1, then you are “live”.

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I listen to a shoutcast, but the cast is far ahead in the game. How do I syncronise?

There is no 100% guarantee, that the cast and Waaagh!TV are synchronous for everyone. Despite this, we try to do our best, so the difference will usually be only a few seconds.

Furthermore you have the possibility to synchronize with the shoutcast by using “speed 0.5-4.5” to speed the game up or to slow it down. If the Cast is ahead in the game, this is unfortunately not a possibility, but this is usually not the case.

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I unpacked and started the program, but in Warcraft 3 he doesn’t display the Games. Why?

First of all, it can take up to one minute until the games are being displayed, therefore show some patience. If the games are still not being displayed, check if your Waaagh!TV Client is connected to the server. If it is, check out the Games list in the Waaagh!TV Client to see if the server is actually streaming any games. If you still don’t see any games in Warcraft, you can try this:

1. Close the Waaagh!TV Client
2. Edit the wtvclient.ini in the WaaaghTV-Folder
3. Try one of the following Settings:

a) (Standard)
CustomAddress= #IP of your PC#

4. Save the file.
5. Now restart the Client, connect to the server, and the games should be displayed in Warcraft. If it doesn’t work, try one of the other Settings from 3.

For advanced users: It would be better, if you first start Warcraft, go to Local Area Network and then start the WaaaghTV-Client + connect to the server. If you do this, the Games are being displayed immediately.

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If I join a game, I can play myself instead of only being able to observe.

This is not your fault, it’s the streamer's fault. You may have to wait for a new game.

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The Game is starting, but I immediately get disconnected. What's wrong?

There are 2 possibilities:

a) You have an old version and have to download the newest one.
b) It is not your fault, but the recorder’s fault. You may have to wait for a new game.

Usually it is possibility a) though.

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What is required to view Warcraft 3 games?

Basically you only need the original Warcraft 3 game. The version depends on the game you are going to watch. Both Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne games are supported. Obviously you can only watch RoC games using Warcraft 3, and TFT games using the Expansion. It's up to you to install the proper patch needed for the game (usually you simply connect to the Battle.net to get the latest one).
You can see the required version in the clients' game list. Select the Game and it will tell you what version it is.

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What can i do if my client stucks at "authorizing" while connecting?

Wait. And nothing else. Just wait.
In no case press Disconnect and Connect again and again!

The client does not get stuck. It is probably just the database under heavy load and it needs a while to handle your request.

The worst you can do is to press Disconnect and Connect again and again. By doing that, the authorization process just starts from the beginning again and needs longer again. In addition you increase the database load and make all get even worse. So please just wait.

If you are not connected after waiting 5 minutes, try again, maybe the server was restartet during that time. If it is still not working then, please wait another 10 minutes before notifying the admins. It really can take that much time.

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How much traffic does the Waaagh!TV Client generate?

The traffic highly depends on the number of players in the game, the players' actions per minute and the game length.
If you are watching a FFA game which lasts longer than 40 minutes, the client may take more than 1 MB traffic. An 1on1 (20 minutes) generates about 500 kb.
These are values for the orientation, the traffic differs from game to game and it is about equivalent to playing/observing the game yourself.

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