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WTV.WCG.ua: WCG Ukraine National Final

Organisation: The Ukrainian World Cyber Games

The Ukrainian National Final of World Cyber Games, with such players qualified there (at the moment): raC.BLY, BIKER, raCfAStClick, VEGA)Warrior, SK.HoT.c-club, raC.Sonik, ToP)ExE, Cpro.Ghost, Cpro.GG, KerchNet.Majestik, raC.Fox, 2eZ.Snake, KerchNet.Myrik, srs'FiX.c-club, PGS.PS.TRH.c-club and raC.All1gator. The matches will be really dramatic, and who knows, maybe this year WCG will be without HoT... cheers

URL: http://www.wcg.com.ua

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