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WTV.Waaagh!TV partners up with ABIT

Submitted by shad on Tue, 2006-08-15 20:17.
We happily can announce that with ABIT one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high quality Mainboards joins the reign of the Waaagh!TV sponsors. The firm being originated in Taiwan will be present on this homepage and the Webclient for at least the next months and will power up our worldwide Warcraft III broadcastings even more with their excellent hardware.

Bjoern Franzen, Marketing & PR Manager Germany comments on this happening as follows:
"We are very proud to be part of such a community related project that Waaagh!TV definitely is. It is done by gamers for gamers. Universal Abit always has been and still is linked with gamers and tries to create products with passion for these very special people. Both Universal Abit and Waaagh!TV will use their synergies to still increase the emotions that are caused by such exciting Warcraft 3 matches we have seen in the past."

So, please welcome ABIT with a big "Waaaagh!" :)
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