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WTV.Audience behaviour

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Submitted by shad on Fri, 2007-06-22 17:24.

As there occur problems on some major events please internalize the following things.

When the WTV server is not responding for some time this does not mean it is down. There are at least three possible reasons:

1) Some data is missing, i.e. cause the internet connection between the streamer and the WTV Server is bad. In this case you will see a "Pausing due to lack of data from server" message. It may take from some seconds up to some minutes. Do not disconnect, but try to unpause the game after some time (/speed 1 in the normal client or F1 in the Webclient).

2) You are stuck at "authorizing" or you see a weird number in the Webclient instead of the gamename. This means, that some thousand people try to connect and that the database server is damn busy with all the requests. Do not disconnect and reconnect all the time then as this stresses the server even more. Just wait patiently. Additionally note, that most major events use the backup server at backup1.waaaghtv.com.

3) The server is really down. But this happens in only 10% of all cases when someone shouts "WTV down". Patience and knowledge are the keys, young Padavans!

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Submitted by yodafroman on Sat, 2007-06-23 11:25.

I understand that you can't afford more expensive servers. But why are some matches erased after 24 hours ? It's too short, so those who want to wait to get a better connection can't. Please keep on streaming S5 Final and WCL matches !

Submitted by MisterD on Mon, 2007-07-09 15:54.

the matches are not erased, just the last 20 (or so) matches are displayed in the client. we'll maybe change that in future.

Submitted by AliveNoMore on Tue, 2007-09-04 12:51.

I don't get it. Sponsor here, sponsor there and still WTV is crappy. There isn't an event I watch that gets screwed by WTV servers or something. The backup server is nonexistant or at least the client says it can't find it at that address. I like the program but the server support is crap.

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